Bangs And Fringe Hairstyles 2011

bangs and fringe hairstyles 2011 2
bangs and fringe hairstyles 2011
bangs and fringe hairstyles 2011 1

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2010-2011 Hairstyles bangs or fringe hairstyle so popular, where the first phase of the hair cut and combed or straightened hair dryer, to get hung straight or curly perfection is to perform as part of the forehead. The classic bangs / fringe is one of the eyebrows, but now many types of bangs / side increasingly popular fluted to allow the pin to hair gels and swept her hair to one side of the face and, above all, cut your hair a little to cover his eyes. Bangs, or fringe, a new trend in hair fashion in Women, but when it comes up as the ninth century. Since then, however, fringe / edge of many styles come and gone. At the end of the 1980s and the beginning of 1990 in various fringe / edge, such as curly, teased up in style. However, this trend the 2010-2011 is the exclusive hair style blunt cut. The bangs / fringe simplest form of hair, where the hair parted in the middle, and the gel does the hair, two inches of hair twisted high and low, and then pulled back style will continue to do it straight, wavy or even messy, as you want, and because it meets the face.In 2010-2011, there are many different types of bangs / fringe has become increasingly popular among the elite women’s flat buttocks, side swept, parted, and finally dashed. Straight the name suggests one of the hair style, hair is cut straight and flat hair is perfect across the forehead with a blunt style. The side-swept cut in a way where it can sweep up on each side of the face, because they liked it. The bangs are divorced / fart made when the bangs parted in the middle is a little to be ready in the middle and the jagged pieces of defective and irregular, with the latest fashion much like elegant Women